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Tue, 10am Jan 23, 2018
Program Great Photos with the iPhone — Updated
By Ron Masi

Ron had a problems projecting his program, it worked perfectly in the dry run before the over 30 "students" arrived, However during the live presentation he started losing bandwidth and had to resort talking through the presentation without visual examples. His approach is to stay away form camera jargon like “f stops,” “aperture,” shutter speed,” etc. and focus instead on getting a great image while letting the iPhone take care of the rest. He covered 18 specific features that you’ll leave knowing how to use for improving your pictures. Students walked through the features with Ron on their iPhones and many left saying
“I didn’t know I could do that!”
NOTE: Ron will be repeating this presentation with slides for a joint Center For Lifelong Learning (CLL) / Rossmoor Camera Club program Feb. 15, PM in Club house 2. All invited
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Nov 28, 2017 What Do You Want to Talk About? by Jim Ritz. https://www.flickr.com/people/60352163@N06/

We welcomed back Jim who is an Apple specialist who
makes house calls. He is also the co-founder of the Mac Recycle Clinic an organization in Silver Spring that repairs and refurbishes old Macintosh computers. Jim’s open forum covered such things as updates, spam, ransomware, security, pop-ups, compatibility, Verizon switch to AOL, Airdrop, using you iPhone, iOs 11 etc., etc.
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Oct 24 Tuesday

Open forum by Brent preceded by short presentations by Nate on passwords & Using iOS Tips by Ron.

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Sept. 26, Tuesday

Our Apple, Sr. System Engineer presented: Apples new operating systems, Mac OS High Sierra and iOS 11 to over 60 attendees.

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Aug. 22, Tuesday
Your Digital Legacy
Since Washington Apple Pi member, Jay Castillo could not make the meeting in person we used a video of his presentation to the Pi. Jay covered what happens to everything we have on your computer and all the online accounts after we die??? and expounded on all the things we should do to make life easier for our survivors.

Links to programs material:
Slides used in presentation.
Digital Legacy
Book program was based on
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July 25, Tuesday

Spaces & Safari's Tools: Menus, Sidebar, Bookmarks etc.

Brent demonstrated the use of Spaces (ref. July 25, 2017 article in LW News) along with how to use all the Safari tools and menus. He showed us how to use and manage the items in the Safari sidebar such as the Bookmarks, Reading List and Shared Links. Discover Extensions and how to use the Favorites Bar.

Presented by our President Brent Malcolm (white shirt on right >>>>>>)

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Tuesday June 27 @10 a.m.

iPhone Camera
presented by Ron Masi

"The best camera is the one you have with you"…you've heard that before. Ron is the Webmaster for the LW Apple club and the Rossmoor Camera Club, his wife was the RCC's General Print of the year winner with an image she took with her iPhone.

Using Keynote Ron walked over 50 attendees, step by step, thought the features of the iPhone/iPad camera. He explained how to focus & set exposure, why HDR, Burst, Gridlines, Live Photo, Flash, Timer, etc. are important (& what they are). He also explained the types of images you can easily take including: Square, Panorama, Video (yes movies), Slow Motion, Time Lapse, and using the supplied filters. The handout uses is

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iPhone Tricks by Jimmy Mac

Jimmy presented his program to a a full house of about 61, from which he received rave reviews and as predicted many came away saying: "I didn't know I could do that". Using the projector and the TV Jimmy covered Apple Pay, Chargers, Track pad, Magnifing glass, Level, Encrypting Notes and Reminders many uses. Naming The Action button, sending recorded voice mail, stripping web sites of images to make reading easier. Having Siri tell where you parked, or just finding it in Maps both without you doing anything — they already know.
And also how you dictate to you iPhone and have it type what you say. All this and more with Apps
already have your iPhone. jimmymacsupport.com • 301-328-1558
Apple Certified Support Professional 10.12
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April 24, 2017
Jim Ritz. Jim is an Apple specialist who makes house calls. He is also the co-founder of the MacRecycleClinic an organization in Silver Spring that repairs and refurbishes old Macintosh computers. Jim’s subject is “What do you want to talk about?” attendees brought their difficult problems and Jim solve them.
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March 28 2017

Brent Malcolm provided and in-depth overview of the ever important and frustrating subject of PASSWORDS. Brent also explained how one password manager, 1Password, works.
The slides used are

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February 27, 2017
Ron Masi
club board member & webmaster presented a program on getting help. Ron covered using Keynote screen shots: Apple Support, help already on our Mac OS & iOs (i/Phone/Pad/Pod); On Line help and problems with it; You Tube tutorials; Washington Apple Pi: http://www.wap.org and LW Apple: mac.Computerctr.org
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January 24, 2017
Aaron Davis from Apple spent a little time telling us about the new Mac Book Pro and its new features. The rest of the time, and then some, he devoted to Q&A. Passwords wound up being the subject of almost all questions. Aaron's program went an hour overtime with a full house!

Due to the interest in Passwords and security we intend to have a follow-up program on the
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Nov 22, 2016:
Photos, Apples iPhoto replacement was presented by the ever popular and informative Mike Wish. Mike focus on (no pun intended) on photo editing and / or holiday projects with the iPhone.
The turn out was about 50 members and the audience gasp with ooh's!! an Aws!! as Mike explained the capabilities of Photos. We learned how to edit images on the iPhone that effect all your images viewed on your iMac or iPad and visa versa.
Mike Wish can be contacted at http://mactipster.com
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Sep 27, 2016
An introduction to using and enjoying Twitter presented by fellow Washington Apple Pi member, Jonathan Bernstein.
Want to keep track of current trends or follow the latest developments?  Have an unusual interest you’d like to promote or to track more closely?  Want to communicate with a person
or business that by other channels isn’t practical to reach?  Want to keep this going on the fly, whether on desktop, laptop or mobile device?  Must you “tweet” to use Twitter?  What does
advertising look like in Twitter?  
As in all social media tools, what privacy issues and options? These are some useful features of, and questions about, this
social media tool that he will discussed.
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